Time for Beat Koraction to Post Update
Time for Beat Koraction to Post Update avatar

For this one you need the more better ArmA 2 patch Build 93965 Current Changelog for * [NEW] Infected raycast for line-of-sight less often (improves performance) * [FIXED] Infected can see through terrain ( https://dev-heaven.net/issues/33787 ) * [FIXED] Raycasting being taken from wrong body position (ensured it is from … Continue reading

Time for Bugfix – Beatings
Time for Bugfix – Beatings avatar

Current Changelog for Affected addons: * dayz_code Developer’s Note: * Requires ArmA2 Beta. Changelog: * [FIXED] Melee items causing magazine glitching and eventual server death (fixed) * [FIXED] Unconscious UI Image displays incorrectly * [FIXED] Bleeding never stops unless bandaged (chance of spontanious bleeding stopping now works) * … Continue reading