Minecraft Vulnerability Advisory
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[UPDATE: 2015.04.17] Well spank my ass and call me Sally! An update thang has occurred. Not only from Mojang but also from Spigot/Bukkit! I took this down-time as an opportunity to update my MC/Spigot/Bukkit launch scripts to automate the update process, since it’s a bit tedious… sooo…. yea, that was … Continue reading

McFail MC Server Updated… World Regen…
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PLEASE DO *NOT* PANIC! Our MC server now hosts multiple worlds. (See Map for details) Sandport in all of it’s glory and jagged-ass nasty landscape is totally intact! Since the MC 1.7.x update all portals in the Sandport World are Fucked up (I apologize for being so technical). The world … Continue reading