Black Hat Vegas is a No Joy.
Black Hat Vegas is a No Joy. avatar

I say again. Black Hat Vegas was declined.

Instead, I got my second choice for conference… ReCon, which is exceptionally more expensive and was INTENDED to make the Vegas trip more appealing… Backfired.

Turns out that as the company’s primary Reverse Engineer (le moi), the company wants my feedback on this conference… in Canada!!! Not overly close to San Diego… In fact, I’m not sure that I could be any farther away.

Though… I hear that Canadian French is the language of Love……. in Quebec.

Sorry, all. I guess Jenn, the kids, and I will just have to make plans for a Road trip to San Diego in the not to distance future.

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2 Responses to Black Hat Vegas is a No Joy.
Black Hat Vegas is a No Joy. avatar

  1. Noobicus says:

    ahhh…the old ‘show me the $300 pair of boot so I don’t flip shit over the $130 pair.’

    We’ll that a real fuck in the ass….and not in the good way.

    So I’m good with either putting up your brood at my house, or picking you and Jen up at the Airport in Vegas on a side trip. both are good with me. Just let me know, but FYI, if you do come out here, my kids go to year round school, which basically means their off at the same time for summer, but are back in class by early Aug.

  2. The Power Nap says:

    Don’t fear it, just try it.