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Password security tutorial

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  1. SgtMac says:

    Please enter password in correct format.

    Your new password must:
    Have at least 1 alphabetic character – A-Z
    Have at least 1 number or 1 special character – 0-9, punctuation, spaces, etc.
    Have between 8 and 512 characters – long strings and sentences are fully supported!
    Passwords must match.

    HAHAHA… Aw man, Data screwed it up, he didn’t include a special character nor any upper case Alpha characters! haha… It’ll never get past IT’s psuedo security!

    XKCD Password Tutorial

    • UberN00b says:

      Rarely does a article or blog change my entire outlook on a subject, but that XKCD comic (which is one of my favs) COMPLETELY changed my views of what a password should and shouldn’t be. During a brute force attack, A computer program will not care that you used a special character for your ‘S’ or a number for all your ‘L’s’. (As a side note, there are some DOD web sites that require that passwords be a specific length, which is the single most retarded thing I’ve ever seen.)

  2. SgtMac says:

    Your preaching to the choir here, sir…

    But there is no way in HELL we are EVER going to get the Psyco Security Nazi’s that run ALL of our IT departments to understand this basic concept…

    Just because it’s hard for a human to remember, doesn’t make the password difficult to crack… hehe

    oh… and changing your password every 3 minutes does not help either…

    Maybe someday…

    • The Power Nap says:

      Just means that there’s a lot of post it notes for your ‘cleaning lady’ to find and fill her dictionary attack with. Hell a little PERL and you can leet up any password for extra bonus points.